Health of Community

Health of Community
Be it our home and family environments, social groups, organizations, our nation, and the human-race at large - the societies we create greatly influence the quality of our individual life experiences, and even our very survival. Are we treating others the way we wish to be treated?

- from the Healthful Living Model

Welcome to the Healthful Living Netweave

We connect you with real people families, community leaders, and committed professionals - whose lives are dedicated in varied ways to the principles and practices of healthful living - they comprise the expanding Healthful Living "Netweave" "a network woven by community." The Netweave is a co-creative effort of conscious individuals and organizations with integrity real people serving real people.

In the practitioner application, these are people that we personally know, and in many cases, know each other. The Netweave is not an integrative practice per se, but one can be assured of consistency of character and perspective on holistic health and healing.

We welcome you to connect with our Netweave and join in the commitment of healthful living. You can start by joining the newsletter. As the Netweave expands, we collectively serve to strengthen both the Health of Community and the Health of Economy.

We compile our list of resources through our own interactions in the world and discernment of things that serve us; topics, notions, ideas, and practices that expand life in some way. We hope these resources serve your growth and expanded health and well being.

Your suggestions of healthful living resources are greatly welcome this is a community effort. Please forward your ideas to
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