Healthful Living?

When’s the last time you stopped to contemplate your life?

How well are you treating yourself on this journey? Life zips by and for all you know, your body is always there for you. But is it? You’d be surprised what some people think, ignore, and deny.

Your physical body is a complex organism: bones, flesh, muscles, blood, brains, intelligence, and consciousness–there’s a lot going on. You are the result of massive co-creation–trillions of individual cells working together to manifest what you see in the mirror. These cells are “programmed” to “know” their respective roles and purposes in the overall make up of your human being.

But like any program or system, living organisms are affected by the environment in which they find themselves (thoughts, negative people, toxins, food), and they adapt and change as required by the circumstances of life.

Knowing that everything is affected by everything else, you can act and think to set up circumstances that best support the flourishing of life. Healthful living means acknowledging an active role in the creation of your life experience. It’s about adopting a particular way of being; an approach to lifestyle and wellness that promotes overall health, healing, and happiness. It’s about fully accepting your role as CEO of the organization of cells that comprise your body.

And, as CEO, it’s your responsibility to set the vision, understand the mission, determine the strategy, and ensure the organization has what’s needed to flourish long term. You oversee the internal and external terrain and make well, thought out choices about nourishment of mind, body and spirit, and how to protect from toxic invaders or circumstances. 

Ask, what is healthful living for me? What life experience am providing for myself? What am I doing with my body? What am I feeding my mind? Are these things serving me?

Healthful living can be your personal doctrine for life. There are no strict rules to adhere to, no getting it wrong, and no punishment associated with the choice of healthful living. Rather, agree to always being in pursuit. There is no “arrival” at “the perfection of healthful living,” no stress about trying to get it right (stress is correlated with 90% of our health breakdowns).

Simply ponder your mind’s responses to the many questions put forth here. In doing so, you may conduct your own personal review of your performance as CEO of your body and perhaps generate an improvement plan. Write things down. Wonder. You can incorporate these principles and practices in your own personal declaration of healthful living for the New Year, and beyond.

Deepak Chopra says, “The way you think, behave, and eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.” Hopefully, as leader of your biological system, long-term health (living!) is top priority. Healthful living is a journey that can begin simply from reading an article, thinking, and then taking another sip of a warm, nourishing drink.

Martin Matthews is a Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist.
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