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We live in a world where much of what we all "think" (our particular beliefs, ideas, and paradigms) is "given" to us by others. Do you stand guard at the doorpost of your mind: aware of what you let in, and what you choose to believe?

- from the Healthful Living Model

The power of your mind can be of great strength to you... or great weakness. In an age of increasing information overload and "toxic exposures" you must be proactive in caring for the health of your mind. Left alone, you are at the whim of all that affects your mind's functioning outside demands, biochemical imbalances, and internal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that may not serve you. Where your mind goes, you go.

Before we ever gain conscious choice over what to integrate into our knowledge banks (of what is and how things are), we are "programmed" by those who raise us; parents, teachers, religious leaders, cultural norms, etc. As we proceed though our life experience, we cultivate our own truth, which invariably emerges areas of dissonance between what we feel inside, and what how think and behave. Further, our life patterns and environmental factors can influence brain functioning.

The mind is so influential - it is constantly telling us what to do, always leading us. The thing we call the human mind is greatly responsible for affecting all that "shows up" for us in our physical world. Today we have increasing capacity and tools through which to understand how our mind "works" and how to help it better be on our side. Attending to its health of the mind by nurturing its inherent qualities of compassion, understanding, and love as well as "detoxing" programs and patterns that inhibit individual and collective life experience is a key to overall healthful living.

At Healthful Living, we provide information and resources to empower the mind.

Health of the Mind can be furthered through many individual practices and bolstered by the support of practiced professionals in several holistic disciplines such as: meditation, hypnotherapy, energetic trauma clearing, personal development coaching, and more.

The Healthful Living Community comprises a broad range of holistic health practitioners who embody, practice, and further the principles and practices of Healthful Living. They offer a wide range of modalities see the Resources and Links page for further Health of Mind practitioners. Healthful Living co-founder, Martin Matthews, is a Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist. Read more about Martin »
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