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Healthful Living

Julie and Martin Matthews, founders of HLSF (photo)

Healthful Living is a way of being; an approach to lifestyle and wellness that promotes health, healing, and happiness.

Our Mission

To expand individual options for well being by providing education and practitioners who engage the inherent health and healing abilities of mind, body, and spirit.

Who we are

Julie and Martin Matthews are the founders of Healthful Living. We met at the check out stand at Whole Foods Market in 1998, while we each were stocking up on healthy goods. It was Julie who chatted Martin up that day, but our respective personal growth visions anticipated the inclusion of a partner with whom to share and co-create an extraordinary life experience. We were married in 2000.

Over many philosophical conversations about life, health, and what really serves humanity, Julie and Martin decided to commit their lives to teaching people how to live in ways that promote health and well being in life.

So, in 2002 Julie’s lifelong interest with biochemistry and nourishment of the body combined with Martin’s lifelong interest in human behavior and the ways of the mind, to manifest Healthful Living – our respective commitment to co-create a life of health and happiness for ourselves and others.

Today, Healthful Living is broadening as our comprehension of what we all need and desire becomes clearer. We invite you to explore, ponder, and contribute. We are all in this together. Welcome to Healthful Living.

Who we are (broader)

An expanding Netweave of holistic health/conscious living educators and practitioners, and a community of people like you.

Who we believe you are

Simply stated... a conscious person. You are aware of your personal influence over your health and well being and have come to acknowledge that you deserve and desire health, happiness, and freedom in all areas of your life experience.

Our Vision

A world of people committed to the principles and practices of healthful living.

What is healthful living?

Healthful living is a simple choice that we make inside, about how we live our lives. First and foremost, we recognize that we are at choice over the quality of our life experience, and we choose to EMPOWER ourselves to give life the best opportunity to flourish.

Our choices affects multiple components and factors that “show up” for us in life in all realms; physical, emotional, and spiritual. Too many of us do not exercise this simple choice, or deny the responsibility that accompanies living.

Rather, we EXTERNALIZE responsibility, we do what we have learned through the inherent laws of conditioning – from our surroundings, our parents, teachers, and other trusted sources whose behavior we naturally replicate in order to make our way in the world.  Over time, we embrace paradigms and worldviews that “work well enough,” and keep us content.  We have “outsourced” responsibility for much of our well being to others. 

The challenge is that most of us continue our patterns and ways of being without really stopping and considering if they actually serve us, serve our own personal (individual) and collective (other people and all things of the earth) objectives. It’s understandable in today’s busy and competitive world, that taking time out to consider the “big picture” of life gets overlooked.  It’ becomes easier to rely on the systems in place, even though they keep us disconnected from these larger comprehensions and questions.

At Healthful Living, we adopt a collective and inherently human perspective of life and living. We ask “what have we learned about being?” and how can we apply that learning to best serve everyone and everything’s co-creative life experiences on this planet. We are at a unique point in time, where modern technology, scientific progress, and advances in human consciousness afforded us tremendous means by which to influence life. Much of this progress serves us, and much, as we are also increasingly learning, is a disservice to our health and well being.

Through our surge of conscious expansion and learning as a race, much ancient knowledge and practice, “ways of being” longer established in human existence (and highly correlated with health and happiness) have been “covered over.”  A present day approach to healthful living seeks to understand where we are now with both modern advances and practiced ancient wisdom, in order to best adopt and practice ways of being that promote health, happiness, and well being to all things.

Through considerable introspection, experiential living, and analysis of human paradigms, behavior, and systems, we have created a model for healthful living; six joining circles, with you as the center (seventh) circle. The model integrates the sacred geometrical design of the Seed of Life - that which initiates all growth and positive change.

Heathful Living model
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As Healthful Living and this website continue to evolve and emerge, we will be sharing respective “recipes” for the creation of health in the six vision circles. We’ll be providing ideas, resources, and discussions to inform your perspective and choices that affect the health of all things.

The six vision circles provide a lens through which to view life experience. It is these six visions that we give our concerted and default attention to. By choosing healthful living you are saying “I get it! I am a conscious person and I intend to do my best to live healthfully. I understand that I attract and become conscious of that which I give my attention to, and it is my intention to give attention to things that serve my life and the life of others. “

One by one we can co-create a community of people connected by innately human principles and practices – people who “get it.” We can create new ways of being that really aren’t new at all, but rather have been forgotten or lost through years of externalization of responsibility for our individual and collective well being. We can take what we know about the world, about life, and build things as we’d like in ways embrace the humanistic ideals we truly share inside.

What healthful living is not.

Healthful living is not about “nots.”  Collaboration in the conscious co-creation of your personal and collective health and happiness objectives is best facilitated by concerted focus on what you WANT, rather than what you do NOT want. As earlier stated, what we focus on, we become conscious of and ATTRACT to us. Thus, we choose to avoid “nots” in our articulations for change and growth.

There is no downside to the choice of healthful living, there is no getting it wrong.  Rather, it is a lifelong choice to always be in pursuit of greater and greater health. It is commitment to the pursuit that always brings increased results.

Contact us:

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Martin Matthews
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